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Support our very own 8thD Brother Raymond Poole of Mu Nu Nu and his new Book The Mo B. Dickapedia

Brother Poole is using his book to inspire more Brothers around the world to embrace Our Cardinal Principle of Scholarship by encouraging increased reading as well using creative penmanship to become future authors as well:

Hip-Hop Trailblazer and Legendary Music Producer “Mo B. Dick” Pens Compelling Autobiography

The autobiography by Legendary Multi Platinum Music Producer, Visionary/Co-Founder of the World Renowned Beats By The Pound & former No Limit Soldier Raymond “Mo B. Dick” Poole "I Am Who I Am”— The Most High Creator NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, USA, May 1, 2023/ -- Readers tag along on the path to pioneer Southern Hip Hop and launch the urban cultural force that was “No Limit Records" Raymond “Mo B. Dick” Poole, an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and music producer well-known for his work with the revolutionary hip-hop label, No Limit Records, is announcing the official release of his autobiography.

The Mo B. Dickapedia: Life, Language, & Lyrics” chronicles Poole’s experience growing up in Louisiana. A self-taught musician, Poole recounts his young adulthood where school and street smarts collide, and gives unprecedented details surrounding the launch of No Limit Records alongside his cousin, renowned rapper Percy “Master P” Miller, in the mid-to-late nineties. With artists like Snoop Dogg, Silk the Shocker, Mystikal, Soulja Slim, Kane & Abel, and Mia X, No Limit Records brought hip-hop, R&B, and Gangsta Rap to the masses, and Poole’s first book captures the gritty reality of what it takes to not only produce mind-bending beats but also cement yourself in music and cultural history. Raymond is available for remote or in-person interviews to talk more about his book, his past and present projects, as well as panel discussions to share unique insights related to the hip-hop industry. For media inquiries email, or call 985.900.0516. Visit for more information.


Raymond Poole Victorianna Farms, LLC +1 985-900-0156 email us here

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