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St Jude & Omega - The Power of Giving 2023

Brothers, as we have been busy with the business of Omega the 8th we have overlooked St

Jude. We are less than 10 days away from the drive ending and we are not close to the goal

we set. Several of our Brothers have benefited from St Jude’s generosity in helping their

family members. Through our donations many kids throughout the country have been given

outstanding medical care to children with cancer. The children have the privilege of getting

surgery, medication, rehabilitation, hospital stays and more free of charge. The family incurs no

cost for the treatment given to their child. This is where we as an organization come in. Our

donations keep the doors open and it affords families the opportunity to get the care needed.

Each District has begun raising funds for the St Jude. Currently the goal is to raise $150,000

as a fraternity. The 8th District has set a goal of $6,000. We are currently asking every brother in the

District to donate $10. How do we donate? Chapters may choose to donate as a collective

chapter or brothers may donate individually or both. Brothers can consolidate their funds and

the KRS can submit the donation on behalf of the chapter. If a chapter does donate be sure to

also include the state of which you belong so that we may keep a record and update the district

on the progress of the fundraiser. Brother, the 8th has never been the District to donate the least

amount of money to St Jude. Let’s not start now.

There are several kids and families who have benefited from the generosity of the 8th District

Let’s make sure this continues. Below is the 8th District Link for St Jude. Please click on the

link, join the team and donate to the cause. If you have any questions or concerns, please

contact me at 706-577-9948.

Ivy Williams

3 99 LI

8th District

St Jude Chairman

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