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Reclamation Letter From Brother Darnell Buggs 8th District Reclamation Chair

Brothers of the Mighty Eighth District. I am Brother Darnell Buggs, District Reclamation Chair. As we Prepare for the 75th District meeting in Wichita, Kansas, on April 11, 2024. I look forward to meeting every brother of Omega. Reclamation and Retention is the cornerstone of our Fraternity and the number One committee across the nation. We as brothers must continue to focus on ensuring brothers are reclaimed and maintain financial status in our Fraternity. Each brother has an obligation and duty as a Reclamation Chair to assist and reach out to brothers who are not financial and help maintain Reclamation and build our Retention process to One Hundred Percent.

Also, I am asking brothers to pay dues on time and stay consistent, get on a working committee of their choice, and stay involved in monthly frat meetings where brothers can remain engaged with our mandated programs. We currently have about 30,000 financial members nationally and about 70,000 reclaimable brothers nationally. We are in a crisis, and our Reclamation and Retention committee has consistently worked at every level and has used every tool available to bring brothers back to the table of brotherhood where we first started and let us be reminded to all Brothers. A Brother who had a promise, and he had an Oath, and he kept that promise and Oath to the end of his journey. 

Regarding our Eighth District goals, we are working to have one thousand brothers financial by the District meeting, and I depend on every brother to contact a brother and bring a brother to the district meeting. We currently have 883 brothers' financials in our district. Also, over the last couple of district meetings, a very high number of brothers have attended the district meeting. In the previous district meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, we had 356 Brothers registered in St. Louis, Missouri, and 400 brothers Registered. Brothers, I am looking for a consistency that provides stability and growth. Brothers, I ask that we continue to support the Brothers of Gamma Upsilon Chapter, which will be hosting this meeting. Brothers, I look forward to asking you to be part of this great district meeting. Brothers, I ask that you read this information, pass it on to every brother you know, and encourage him to be part of this district meeting. In closing, you may contact me at if you have any questions.

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