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Holiday Memo

December 24, 2023


To:    Brothers of the Eighth District  


From:  Brother Marvin L. DeJear Jr, 36th Eighth District Representative


RE:   Holiday Season and End of Year


Greetings, Brothers of the Eighth District, 


I hope by now most of you are settled in or en route to your destination to enjoy this Christmas Eve; I pray that God has extended his traveling mercies and grace to all your family and friends during this joyous season. As we enjoy these holidays and come to the end of the year, I hope that all of you are granted the opportunity to be with people you love and share love with others. I hope you all have an opportunity to reflect on the past year and continue to find ways to serve your family, friends, and the communities you all hold dear to your hearts.


Brothers, if you missed the Brothers Bow at Christmas event for the Fraternity, you missed a great event and an excellent representation of the Mighty Eighth District by our very own Eighth District Chaplain, Bro. Christopher McCroy. Our Chaplain told the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus in a fresh and new way that the brothers and other attendees received well. Job well done, Bro. Chaplain McCroy.


I appreciate each of you, as members of the Eighth District, and the time you give volunteering in service for the Eighth District. We are facing current trials and tribulations as a community as age-old efforts of division, fear, and racism have escalated to levels some have not seen in a lifetime. Together, we can stand strong in our mission, overcome challenges, and promote the values that define us as a Fraternity to uplift our people and lead through the perils before us. Continuing to serve you as your Eighth District Representative is a privilege and honor.


Brothers, I remind you again to reclaim and retain our brothers in the fold over this holiday season. Sharing your joy and continued enthusiasm for the Fraternity to our brothers will help to bring them back as financial members of the fold. I have stated it before and will say it again: I remain committed to advocating for the interests of the Eighth District from IHQ to our local communities. I remain committed to working day in and day out on your behalf.

As you enjoy Christmas and fellowship with loved ones, let us not miss this time as an opportunity to embrace the true meaning of this season. God gave us the greatest gift he could give us through the birth of his son, Jesus Christ. May it serve as a reminder of the sacrifice and compassion shown by our Lord and Savior.


Beyond the holidays, may we carry these principles in our hearts throughout the year, demonstrating them in our interactions with one another and extending them to our communities.


Brothers, it is an honor to serve and represent you. I am excited about what lies ahead and the positive impact we will continue to make together. We will continue to build the Eighth District to be 21st-century-ready.

May the Blessings be in abundance and overflow in your lives for 2024. Let us cherish the friendships we share and the opportunities we have as Brothers of the Mighty Eighth District, Home of the Heavyweights!    




Bro. Marvin L. DeJear Jr.

36th Eighth District Representative

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